Monday, July 18, 2011

Is K-1 Coming to Madison Square Garden???

Until very recently, the outlook for K-1 has been as shaky as Venus Williams' backside. However, news of new investors has shed some light on the future of the world's most popular kickboxing promotion (K-1 still has not revealed who the investors are). As of late, rumors have been circulating that a Dutch investor plans to bring K-1 to Madison Square Garden (MSG) in conjuction with Take On Productions, a New York-based Muay Thai promotion, and MSG Inc.

I first caught wind of this rumor a couple of months ago on the Sherdog forum, but quickly ignored it as one of many fly-by rumors. However,, the world's foremost authority on fight rumors, included this idea in their weekly "Sunday Morning Rumor Mill." Here's how the MiddleEasy official rumor authority put it:
"It's heavily rumored that a conglomerate from The Netherlands will purchase K-1 with the intent of bringing the organization to Madison Square Garden by December 2011 or early 2012. Apparently, Madison Square Garden signed a four-fight deal with TAKE ON. K-1 will be sanctioned under WKA in a collaboration with TAKE ON."
A K-1 event at Madison Square Garden would be monstrous! The WKA sanctions Muay Thai/kickboxing in New York under a "martial arts exception" rule. The backing of an international sanctioning body could provide an opening for K-1 to produce events in the U.S. on a more regular basis (it's been a few years since K-1 last visited the states).

You can bet Dana White and the Zuffa Mafia are in the war room right now, plotting an elaborate scheme to block any K-1 venture in New York.

I'm up on this one. Stay tuned!

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