Thursday, July 7, 2011

EFC-Africa 10 Teaser

I love free stuff! I'm happy anytime I can get something for free. Roaming Sam's Club in search of free samples is a regular Sunday after noon activity for me. And whenever I walk past the cologne section in a department store, I'm sure to spritz some free sample of J-Lo's "Glow" on my arms and neck. Trust me, the ladies love that stuff.

Extreme Fighting Championships of South Africa streamed EFCA 9 last Friday, FOR FREE! Being the free bum that I am, I tuned in. I've gotta say, free streams from the EFC-Africa are a thousand times better than those rubbery samples of cheddar-pepperoni hot pockets from Sam's. I've come to realize just how intense the MMA scene is down there in South Africa, and I intend to offer more coverage from South Africa as much as possible.

On that note, here's a teaser for the EFC's next event, EFCA 10 which is scheduled for September 1. Grab some hot pockets, have a seat, and enjoy!

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