Thursday, July 28, 2011

Daley Operation, Episode 3: Paul Daley talks about British Army service, wanting to be a ninja, and being "disciplined, focused"

When I was five, I wanted to be a time traveling, inter-galactic warrior. At ten years old my goal was to invent a social networking website based on updated personal profiles on an international digital network to be known as the internet; I would call it "YourPage". By fifteen, I changed by career goal to finding a way to remove two hydrogen atoms from the molecular make-up of THC for maximum potency.

Fast forward twenty years later and I'm on the hinges of a millennial breakthrough. I've converted my garage/bedroom at Granny's into a workshop where I've been working on a standing, one-man, two-wheeled mobile unit. It will be electric-powered and rechargeable. I plan to call it the Transway, but I'm having problems getting it patented.

British MMA fighter Paul Daley has dreams too. When he was young, he told his "mum" that he wanted to be a ninja. He went on to serve in the British Army and is currently a contender in Strikeforce's welterweight division. Not a ninja, and not nearly as cool, but close enough.

Daley still has big dreams, and he's working toward that Strikeforce belt. As you'll see in the video, Paul Daley is busy at work, grinding for that Strikeforce 170 lb. title shot.

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