Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Daley Operation, Episode 2: Paul Daley uses computers to measure just how bad he knocks people out!

I visited the UK a few years ago, London to be exact. Absolutely love the place! London is the shiznit! Banging club scene, people everywhere, and those red telephone booths (I believe the British call them "boxes") that remind me of Dr. Who. But it was also the place where I had a near death experience whenever I approached the curb. Every time I attempted to cross the street, I was nearly smashed by one of those huge double-decker buses. You see, in England they drive on the wrong side of the street. So, when American tourists, like myself, first look to the left to cross, we are met at our right side by a monstrous double-decker, or swept off our feet by one of those evil Smart cars. Lucky for me, my life was spared every time, by some hobbling fat woman carrying a terrier, or a smelly punk rocker with colored 2 foot high spikes (punk rock still lives in the UK).

But after watching this video, I have to ask: Which would I rather be hit by, that bulldozing double-decker or Paul Daley's coma-inflicting hands??? That might be a question for Scott Smith or one of Daley's nineteen other other knockout victims...

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