Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Another Stop at the Speculation Station: Did Alistair Overeem Choose Dream/K-1 Over Strikeforce for the Fall???

Disclaimer: I haven't confirmed any of the following ideas with my personal Tarot card reader. All pure speculation...

Alistair Overeem gets just as much press when he's not fighting as he does when he is fighting. This has been proven over the course of the week when word that Alistair Overeem had been "cut" from Strikeforce's Heavyweight GP Semifinals scheduled for September 10. Overeem would be facing Antonio 'Bigfoot' Silva on that date but it did not align with Overeem's schedule.

Alistair says a toe injury is the main issue. His toe will not be fully healed by the September date. He also mentioned vacationing in August and using September as a training month for a proposed October fight. Both Mr. Overeem and Zuffa held firm in any attempts to iron out the situation, and so Overeem will not compete in the semifinal of the grand prix. Instead Daniel Cormier will take his place.

Earlier this week Overeem made it clear that he would compete in October, whether for Strikeforce or otherwise:
“I’m going to fight [in] October regardless. If it’s not going to be for Strikeforce, then I’ll fight somewhere. The thing is, there’s other promotions. There’s other stuff I can do. K-1′s going to come back. There’s some good reports on that. There’s some other promotions in the world that would love to have me fight..."

Did Overeem have alterior plans all along???

Today NightmareofBattle covered Dream's plans for the remainder of the year (at their new, temporary Tumblr site):
Next event in September. Also on NYE. Possibly one event between those (rumored October). World Bantamweight GP starting in September. Hideo Tokoro, Masakazu Imanari, and Kenji Osawa are the Japanese reps, 5 foreign fighters. GP either over two or three events. Finals planned for NYE.

Additionally, posted material regarding K-1's schedule for the upcoming months. I think the good homies at Liverkick might be calling in to the same Tarot hotline as I do. They also allude to a possible October K-1 comeback for Reem:
Overeem has also noted that K-1 will be returning and that he would love to return to kickboxing action and under his current Strikeforce contract he is able to do so. If you add this to the persistent rumors that K-1 has an upcoming event planned for October in China or Japan and there being no Strikeforce events scheduled for October, it appears like Overeem showing up in a K-1 ring is possible.

Alistair Overeem is currently Dream's Interim Heavyweight Champion and last year's (2010) K-1 World GP Champ. He is also a huge pop star in Japan.

Is it possible The 'Reem had word of possible Dream/K-1 October events and was keeping his options open, knowing that either way he'd get his wish -- an October bout?

I'm willing to give Alistair the benefit of the doubt and charge it to pure coincidence, but unless you farted, something smells really funny about this whole situation.

This episode is officially -- TO BE CONTINUED...

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