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America's Servicemembers Compete in the 2011 US Army Combatives Championships

1LT David Mason rains down on
Spc Larry Jackson. Mason successfully
defended the BW title. [Vid Props]
I will always place the mission first. I will never accept defeat. I will never quit. I will never leave a fallen comrade. -The U.S. Army's Warrior Ethos.

Last week service members converged on Fort Hood, Texas for the U.S. Army Combatives Championship Tournament. The tournament culminated on the placewinners' rounds which took place on Saturday. Champions were crowned in eight weight divisions, and the host base, Fort Hood, walked away with their second consecutive Team Title. Their title win means that Fort Hood will host the tournament again next summer.

The U.S. Army's Modern Combatives program is a self defense/hand-to-hand combat system. It was first developed by Army Ranger and highly experienced martial artist Matt Larsen. Over the years the combatives program has evolved greatly, keeping on pace with the technicalities of modern martial arts and combat, and addressing the fitness and morale aspects of military life.

The Army Combatives Championships embraces the fighting tradition of the U.S. Armed Forces.

The U.S. Army's Warrior Ethos (quoted above) is the spirit and theme of the Army Combatives program.

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This is what soldiering is all about...
 Two semifinalists give it their all:

Full Results after the break...

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Championship Round Results
2011 U.S. Army Combatives Championships
July 23, 2011
Fort Hood, Texas

Bantamweight (110 lbs.) Final Bout: 1LT David Mason, III Corps (Fort Hood, Texas) def. SPC Larry Jackson, III Corps. via unanimous decision.
Bantamweight (110 lbs.) Third Place Bout: SSG Elmer Argulles, Fort Carson, Colo. def. PFC Fred Conde, Fort Sill, Okla. via unanimous decision.

Flyweight (125 lbs.) Final Bout: SFC Class Jesse Thorton, III Corps def. SGT Francisco Mercado, Fort Bragg, N.C. via KO.
Flyweight (125 lbs.) Third Place Bout: SGT Moody Nelson, Military District of Washington def. SPC Juan Martinez, Fort Riley, Kan. via unanimous decision.

Lightweight (140 lbs.) Final Bout: PVT Joseph Sandstrom, 1st Inf. Div. (Fort Riley) def. PFC Hanlin Liu, 3rd Inf. Div. (Fort Stewart, Ga.) via unanimous decision.
Lightweight (140 lbs.) Third Place Bout: SSG Westrich, Benjamin, Fort Carson def. 2LT Gelinas, Nathan, Maneuver Center of Excellence (Fort Benning, Ga.) via split decision.

Welterweight (170 lbs.) Final Bout: SGT Jess Hertzog, Fort Bragg def. SGT Adam Minett, Minnesota National Guard via unanimous decision.
Welterweight (170 lbs.) Third Place Bout: SSG Shane Lees, III Corps def. 2LT Matt Volnoski, Fort Riley via submission.

Middleweight (170 lbs.) Final Bout: 2LT Matthew Kyler, MCOE def. SGT Daniel Cook, U.S. Army Alaska via unanimous decision.
Middleweight (170 lbs.) Third Place Bout: Air Force TSGT Chris Davis, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash. def. SSG Benjamin Hernandez, Fort Leonard Wood, Mo via submission.

Cruiserweight (185 lbs.) Final Bout: CPT Brandon Bear, Fort Riley def. SPC Brian Wilson, 3rd Inf. Div. via TKO.
Cruiserweight (185 lbs.) Third Place Bout: SSG Leonard Lane, 5th Special Forces Group, Fort Bragg def. SGT Jason Reyes, III Corps via unanimous decision.

Light Heavyweight (205 lbs.) Final Bout: SFC James Stelley, 5th SF Grp. def. SFC Christopher Kyle, 5th SF Grp. via unanimous decision.
Light Heavyweight (205 lbs.) Third Place Bout: PFC Carlie Williams, Fort Drum, N.Y. def. SSG Patrick Miller, MCOE via submission.

Heavyweight Final Bout: SPC Aaron Jackson, JBLM def. SSG. Braden Simont, Minn. NG. via TKO.
Heavyweight Third Place Bout: SSG. Lonnie Kincaid, Fort Riley def. PFC Jeremy Myers, 3rd Inf. Div. via TKO.

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