Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The U.S. Sumo Open is this weekend, and no, I'm not laughing.

The art of Sumo is much more than two fat guys pushing each other around, (although I'm sure if it were that easy every American doughnut shop would be the perfect recruiting spot). Sumo is an intense combat sport has a long, storied history and tradition behind it. Sumo wrestlers are required to live a decent, regimen lifestyle and must adhere to a strict code.

So, if I just killed your dreams of giving those doughnut and beer pounds some athletic purpose...

The California Sumo Association will be hosting this year's U.S. Sumo Open. For the first time, the event will be held in Las Vegas. The U.S. Sumo Open will be available for online OnDemand viewing on Sunday, June 26 at GoFightLive.

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2011 US SUMO OPEN - 11th Annual

Riviera Hotel & Casino
2901 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

US SUMO OPEN Press Conference
Wednesday, June 22 4:00 PM
Riviera Hotel

The 2011 US Sumo Open will break all past records, WITH CLOSE TO 60 INTERNATIONAL ATHLETES, FROM 13 COUNTRIES EXPECTED, including three past and current World Sumo Champions, and over two dozen National Sumo Champions! You will not see sumo action like this, outside of Japan!

The 11th Annual US Sumo Open will be held on Saturday, June 25, in conjunction with “USA World Championships", a long-established and respected martial arts event, at the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Total attendance throughout the martial arts weekend is expected to top 20,000 people, and the US Sumo Open will be one of the highlights of the entire gathering.
The first 10 years of US Sumo Opens all took place in Southern California, so for the second decade, we're bringing international sumo to Las Vegas!

The three-time World Sumo Champion, Byamba, will be competing again! Can anyone bring him down?!

Byamba (6'1", 340 lbs, Age: 26)
Prior to winning his three World Champion titles, Byamba spent five years in pro sumo, and was on pace to rapidly advance to the highest division, before he left to compete overseas. This will be Byamba's 5th consecutive US Sumo Open, and he is gunning for his 5th year of gold medals in a row!

In fact, the last weekend in June will feature TWO consecutive sumo tournaments, both at the Riviera:
Friday, June 24, US National Sumo Chapmpionships (4-8 PM) featuring US athletes only, as they vie for the US Sumo Champion title, and a chance to compete at the World Sumo Championships!Saturday, June 25, 11th annual - US Sumo Open 12-4 PM (finals 7 PM) highlighting international sumo competitors from around the world, including many athletes with National and World Sumo Champion titles!

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