Friday, June 24, 2011

Tim Foley, Wrestling Roots Head to China

I've heard of some weird vacations, but this is just ridiculous...

The typical American vacation usually consists of trips to the beach to show off the failures of a three-day P90X stint, getting dumped from a raft in some treacherous waterway, or making a long cross-country trip with the family while Uncle Bobby breathes down your neck for 2,500 miles. But Tim Foley has put a new twist on the American vacation. The All American wrestler has set out on a global journey, visiting foreign countries to check out their wrestling scenes.

Foley's trip is part of a project that he is maintaining through his website, The project chronicles his adventures abroad through video and articles. So far, Foley has visited China and Mongolia where he has engaged in traditional wrestling styles of the region. The site also covers traditional wrestling in countries like Australia and Ethiopia.

The following video shows Tim hitting the mats in Xinzhou, a city in the Shanxi province of China. Xinzhou wrestlers practice the Shanxi style, a style that heavily emphasizes the takedown.

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And how about some Chinese Judo...

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