Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Look Out Below!!! Rich Franklin, GSP, and Frankie Edgar Practice Not Crashing a Plane

I've always hated small aircrafts. The last time I flew in a small jet, I projectile vomited on a ten year-old seated beside me. So, I can only imagine what my stomach would stir up on a plane navigated by Georges St. Pierre, Rich Franklin, and Frankie Edgar.

GSP would probably try to take the plane to the ground -- crash landing via takedown. I can see Frankie taking fast jabs at the control panel -- system malfunction. Rich Franklin is a pretty smart guy, I doubt he'd have any problems flying the plane as long as he doesn't experience flashbacks of Anderson Silva's knees approaching his face will in mid-flight.

Actually things appear to be going pretty smoothly on this flight. Take a look for yourself...

Second video after the break.

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