Thursday, June 30, 2011

K-1 Still Ballin' on a Budget but Investor Deals Look Promising

K-1 is steady on its grind to remain a major force in the kickboxing world. Their efforts to secure investors will decide their fate, which for the most part, hasn't looked very promising. But there might be a slight glimmer of light peering through the clouds above K-1. Apparently, the kickboxing promotion's financial outlook has changed for the better. goes in:
"Watch the above video (click here to view) and note some of the key words that Tanikawa uses and that he does seem dead set that not only will K-1 continue on, but that K-1 will be fine. While in the past I've felt that those were empty words, I can confirm now that things are indeed looking up. The PUJI deal has actually yielded some capital for K-1 and there are some investors (or possibly even buyers) who are serious about K-1 continuing and becoming a worldwide force. The show in China that Tanikawa mentions is currently airmarked [sic] for October and does indeed seem like a reality as opposed to "Japanese Grandstanding" that we hear about."

With the prospect of new investors, it's only logical to assume that K-1 will kill their own plans to scale down to smaller shows. If their investors are generous enough, we should expect K-1 to go big (once again). In fact, if LiverKick's report is accurate, K-1 will abandon their traditionally "Japan-centric" ways. I smell a global expansion underway...

Once again LiverKick has it covered,
" has been made aware of who some of the investors are, and confirmed through a number of sources the accuracy of the information, but will continue to keep it under wraps until the deals are finalized on all sides and the exchange of money and power have been made. What we can say is that the companies investing in K-1 are very serious about kickboxing and K-1 and have the money to make sure there are not as many hurdles. It also means that K-1's typical Japan-centric approach will be compromised as it is not a viable business model, nor is it one these new investors would support. K-1 putting on one show is a big deal, as will be paying fighters who are owed money. For all the talk of Japanese television deals, while those will be important for K-1, they will no longer be the driving force of revenue and motivation like they once were if these deals go according to plan."

My opinion, as if you care...
Unlike they guys at, I can't help but to be skeptical at what could be the usual "empty words." Yet, I do have good feelings about what could be on the horizon for K-1. But as long as I can get that Badr Hari-Alistair Overeem rubber match, the right side of my brain could care less what capital exchanges must occur in order to keep the K-1 ship afloat.

Still, there are some lingering questions, like "when will we get more info on this event in China?" and "will unpaid fighters ever receive their due?"  Even more interesting is how It's Showtime will counter any of K-1's progress. At any rate, stay tuned!

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