Tuesday, June 21, 2011

K-1 Picks Up New Sponsor, Mages???

K-1 has been riding a roller coaster for too long now. One day they're up, the next they're down -- well, mostly down. They may be up today though, and I use the words 'may be' very loosely.

MMAFighting's Japan correspondent Daniel Herbertson tweeted about the new sponsorship late Tuesday evening. According to Herbertson, K-1 has secured a sponsorship with a new Japanese company called Mages. From what their website tells, Mages is a multi-branded company that deals in everything from restaurants to talent management and production.

Via Daniel Herbertson's Twitter account:
-MAGES was formed this month, K-1 return this month and desperately need sponsor $. Coincidence? Who knows... (probably not)

-New K-1 sponsor MAGES is mainly into games, concerts, talent, restaurants and the like.

-This is the website for the new sponsor of K-1, MAGES: http://mages.co.jp/. Info on the company (Japanese): http://j.mp/ksnwmO

-MAGES is the new sponsor of K-1. Company formed THIS MONTH. Worth $3.5 million. I don't know any of the names on the board or shareholders.

3.5 million big ones is a lot of money, but the terms of this sponsorship haven't and probably won't be made public. So, whether any of it will be used toward outstanding debts remains a big question. As it stands, Dream has yet to secure a savior sponsor. So, as far as I'm concerned, JMMA is still on thin ice. Stay tuned!

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