Saturday, June 18, 2011

K-1 2011 World MAX -63kg Japan Tournament Final to Stream via YouTube, Web Streams

No, K-1 hasn't died out yet. Despite attacks from all angles, including heavy onslaught from It's Showtime, FEG's kickboxing promotion appears to be showing signs of life. Their latest vital sign comes in the form of a big announcement that the 63kg Max Tournament will stream live on YouTube and several other websites. This move exposes K-1 to much larger audiences, and proves to the naysayers that K-1 still has what it takes to survive in the mean streets that are the kickboxing business.

So far, so good -- the trailer isn't too shabby...

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The announcement came via K-1's official website:
K-1 MAX -63kg to be broadcasted live in the world!
Saturday, 18. Jun. 2011

FIGHT FOR JAPAN MAGES.presents "K-1 WORLD MAX 2011 -63kg Japan Tournament FINAL" (June 25, 2011) will be broadcasted live on the net in the whole world!
Big news has arrived to all the K-1 fans. Today FEG announced that K-1 MAX -63kg Japan Tournament will be broadcasted live on the net in the whole world! In addition to that, it's free to watch for every body. You can watch every fight from the -63kg tourney and Sato-Kraus single fight.?

This live broadcasting is available with YouTube Live, Ustream, PPTV for China and so on. Don't miss this opportunity and enjoy this with your computers and smart phones!

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K-1 World MAX 2011 -63kg Japan Tournament Final
June 25, 2011
Yoyogi National Gymnasium
Tokyo, Japan

Shohei Asahara vs. Koji Yoshimoto (r)
Toshiki Taniyama vs. Yuto Watanabe (r)
Albert Kraus vs. Yoshihiro Sato (70kg bout)
Ryuji Kajiwara vs. Masaaki Noiri (q)
Yuta Kubo vs. Kizaemon Saiga (q)
Koya Urabe vs. YukiYuki (q)
Hiroya vs. Tetsuya Yamato (Q)

-(r)= Reserve bouts, (q)=Quarterfinals bouts

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Streaming availibility according to K-1:
- K-1 WORLD MAX 2011 -63kg Japan Tournament FINAL / Live Broadcasting -
Date: 3:30pm, June 25th
Price: Free
Broadcasting on:


▼YouTube Live: K-1 Channel

▼Ustream: K-1 Channel

▼K-1 Facebook Page

▼PP Live

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