Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's Showtime Announces 'Mega Deal' with Swiss Investment Company, Releases 'Countdown' Event Schedules

It's Showtime is all about the Benjamins Francs.
Somewhere in Holland, Simon Rutz is singing, "We're in the money!!!"

Big News just keeps rolling in from It's Showtime. The Dutch kickboxing promotion is in the midst of a major expansion campaign. They've recently secured a broadcast partnership with HDNet and are establishing a division in Japan. So far 'Operation Kickboxing Takeover' is proving successful. Now can we get that U.S. debut?!?!

From the desk of kickboxing mastermind Simon Rutz:
IT'S SHOWTIME makes mega deal!June 14, 2011 -

We are very proud to announce that IT’S SHOWTIME is at the point of signing the biggest financial deal ever to be made in the sport of kickboxing.

A Swiss investment company (which will be revealed soon) and IT’S SHOWTIME will collaborate and because of this collaboration, a company will exist which will change the history of worldwide kickboxing.

The new company which is to be founded from this collaboration will have its home ground in another country than The Netherlands. The next months will be used to decide the strategy that this company will follow. Details about this, not only for the kickboxing scene, megadeal will later be revealed during a press conference.

The reason to announce this deal already is the fact that several journalists already knew about these sensational developments, and also we thought that the combat sports fans deserved some positive news.

This deal will have only positive consequences, not only for IT’S SHOWTIME, but also for the fighters and the fans.

For the latest news, download our free IT’S SHOWTIME app on your smartphone or visit http://www.fight.nl/

Kind regards,

Simon Rutz

*   *   *

It's Showtime-Japan Crew
Pic Props: FansofK1
But wait, it gets better!
It's Showtime has scheduled a series of "Countdown" shows leading up to their huge, official Japan debut. The schedule was announced in a press conference held by It's Showtime-Japan. It's Showtime has teamed up with Japanese Muy Thai promotion REBELS, and Russian MMA promotion M-1 to present these events.

The Countdown schedule is as follows:

July 18 (Mon) REBELS Differ Ariake

August 28 (Sunday) Festival Shinzyuku Huziwara FACE

September 11 (Sun) M-1 Differ Ariake

Oct 23 (Sun) REBELS Differ Ariake

November 13 (Sun) M-1 Differ Ariake

Dec. 23 (Fri.) Huziwara Korakuen Hall Festival


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