Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Humor Mill: Ernesto Hoost has been doing a lot more than playing checkers and reading books!!!

Parental Discretion is advised!!!

I can't stand the smell of retirement homes. You know, that funny odor that reeks of liniment, urine, and denture cream all mixed together?

Fortunately for Ernesto Hoost, retirement doesn't mean playing bumper wheelchairs with granny. The retired K-1 World Champion is too busy with his new retirement gig -- judging the 2011 Miss Reef-Netherlands Contest. Hoost's job description: watching college-aged Dutch girls drop it like it's hot!

The festivities were held on June 12 in Amsterdam, on a ship called the Ocean Diva.

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And there's more where that came from. Via

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About the Miss Reef Contest:
Surfing apparel company, Reef, sponsors an annual swimsuit calendar featuring women from around the world.

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