Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Girls S-cup 2011 Japan Preliminary Fighters Announced!

Big Pimpin': Bobby Ologun and Takeshi Caesar center Girls' S-Cup fighters.
Pic Props: Shoot Boxing
A press conference was held yesterday in Tokyo, announcing four fighters for this year's Girls' S-Cup 2011 Tournament. The Girl's S-Cup Preliminary is planned for August 21 at the Shibuya-AX concert hall in Tokyo. Media personality and mixed martial artist Bobby Ologun is reported to be taking up promotional duties -- let the shenanigans begin...

Girls' S-Cup fighter roster and video posted below.

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Girls' S-Cup 2011 Preliminary roster according to GBRing:
RENA (Oikawa dojo / Girls S-cup2009 Japanese champion, the 2010 World Champion)

Ai Takahashi (Caesar / SB flyweight champion Japan Women, Girls S-cup2010 world's second largest)

VVMei (May Vee Vee / free / VALKYRIE women's light heavyweight champion, Girls S-cup2009 runners)

Erika Kamimura (TARGET / WPMF & WMC World Women's mini-flyweight champion)

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