Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dream's Mousasi vs. Izumi Promo Vid Is Sure to Make You Fart!

Did you feel that??? That earth shaking rumble that almost made you choke on whatever obesity-inducing junk food you are eating while you read this corny article? No, it wasn't that bowl of baked beans you ate last night coming back to haunt you. It was Hiroshi Izumi ragdolling a throwing dummy with a 5-point suplex at the 2:00 mark of Dream's latest 'Gegard Mousasi vs. Hiroshi Izumi' promo video.

Hiroshi Izumi will challenge Gegard Mousasi for the Dream Light Heavyweight title at the Dream Japan Grand Prix - Bantamweight Tournament Final on July 16. Both fighters are Judo black belts. Izumi is a Judo Olympic Silver Medalist. Mousasi owns more striking experience on paper with strong backgrounds in boxing in kickboxing. Meanwhile, Izumi has worked to improve his striking, earning TKO's in two of four wins since his first and only loss to Antz Nansen in his 2009 debut. This fight is a guaranteed banger.

If this awesome promo doesn't get your juices flowin,' last night's beans will. Oh yeah, and doesn't the background music sound strangely similar to the Boondocks theme song? Okay, nevermind. Just watch:

*   *   *

Dream also dropped previews for the Bantamweight Tournament Final between Masakazu Imanari and Hideo Tokoro and a Featherweight Championship bout between current champ Hiroyuki Takaya and Kazuyuki Miyata.

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