Friday, June 24, 2011

The Dog Brothers' 2011 Tribal Gathering is Festive and Violent, as Always

Rise of the Dog!!!

What's a family reunion without a falling out of family members, right? Uncle Billy and Aunt Bobby drink too many Natural Ices and start to get riled up over the same old high football arguments (yeah, Aunt Bobby played defensive end; she's that Aunt with the mustache and the visiting friend you also called "Aunt"). Next thing you know, folding chairs are flying and granny is swinging her cane like a helicopter propeller. Well, enough about my family reunion-turned-Jerry Springer episode. I'm writing to report on another annual gathering, the Dog Brothers' Tribal Gathering.

The Dog Brothers is a bond of martial artists who mainly practice the art of stick fighting but also conduct training with other weapons and unarmed combat. The Dog Brothers operate much like a fraternity or family. They emphasize the importance of reality fighting, as real situations are the basis for their training and ritual. Their art is heavily influenced by Eskrima, and Kajukenbo. However, it is a wholistic art form that takes from all martial arts and combat styles. Every member of the Dog Brothers family is initiated by fighting at their annual gatherings. New members are given a "dog name" upon being initiated at the gatherings which occur twice a year. The Dog Brothers' mission statement is "To Walk as a Warrior for All Your Days." Their vision is "The Path of the Warrior is a path Of Life, and it is For Life. As such, it must embrace all facets of Aggression."

The Dog Brothers recently held a Tribal Gathering.I bet my cane-swingin' granny could give these guys a run for their money! Anyway, here's some footage from the illest family reunion ever:

*   *   *

National Geographic did a run on the Dog Brothers a couple of years ago. Very informative. Check it out!

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