Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ann Wolf: Inventor of Torture Devices and Spirited Boxing Trainer

Ann Wolf lettin' her left hand go!
Last night, boxing trainer and former champion pro boxer Ann Wolf was featured on HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel in a segment appropriately titled, Tough Love. Wolf is most well-known for her unconventional training methods. She has created some nifty contraptions for whipping her trainees into shape.

One of her more popular creations is the punching bag attached to a pick-up. The truck has a metal rail that runs over the top, hanging over the front and rear ends of the vehicle. The heavy bag can be attached to either end so that the student must either chase the bag or pedal backwards while punching, risking getting run over which Wolf would likely threaten to do. She also wraps her boxers with what she calls the "slave chains," in which their forearms are wrapped with about 50 lbs. of chains that she forces them to run with. This teaches the young boxer to keep his or her hands up at all times.

But there's much more to Ann Wolf than torturing students of the 'sweet science' to high levels of fitness. She comes from a broken home, has served jail time, and battled homelessness. Despite these obstacles, Wolf rose to become an 8-time world boxing champion. Her most notable win is her knockout victory over Vonda Ward in 2004. The vicious knockout earned Ann Wolf regard as the hardest-hitting female boxer of all time.

These days Wolf stays occupied training her young boxers, among them, James Kirkland, a light middleweight NABO-WBO champion. Kirkland left Wolf's camp for a brief stint but has reunited with the legendary female trainer. Wolf will corner Kirkland this Friday when he faces Saul Duran.

From Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel:

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Watch Ann Wolf drop Vonda Ward:


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