Monday, June 27, 2011

2011 US Sumo Open Results and Recap

The California Sumo Association hosted the annual U.S. Sumo Open over the weekend. Fans and competitors enjoyed a two-in-one package as separate national (Friday) and international (Saturday) tournaments were contested. The tournaments left California to take place for the first time in Las Vegas.

The star of the show, Byambajav 'Byamba' Ulambayar upheld Mongolian Sumo tradition, took gold in the Men's Heavyweight and Openweight divisions. The medals make a total of 10 US Sumo golds to his record. In the women's brackets last year's World Sumo Champion Sylwia Krzemien of Poland doubled gold medals by defeating Sharran Alexander of the UK in the championship rounds of both the Women's Heavyweight and Women's Openweight divisions.

Medal Results via US Sumo Open official website:

Men's Lightweight
GoldBoldsukh AdyakhuuMongolia
SilverErdenebileg AlagdaaMongolia
BronzeTrent SaboUSA
Men's Middleweight
GoldKena HeffernanUSA
SilverWojciech PocztaPoland
BronzeRobert DanielUSA
Men's Heavyweight
GoldByambajav UlambayarMongolia
SilverSiosifa IsamauTonga
BronzeFoteh MuktorovTajikistan
Men's Openweight
GoldByambajav UlambayarMongolia
SilverChagnaadorj TumurkhuyagMongolia
BronzeErdenebileg AlagdaaMongolia
Women's Middleweight
GoldMunguntuva BantuuMongolia
SilverNatasha IkejiriUSA
Women's Heavyweight
GoldSylwia KrzemienPoland
SilverSharran AlexanderUK
BronzeTaunia AraveUSA
Women's Openweight
GoldSylwia KrzemienPoland
SilverSharran AlexanderUK
BronzeMunguntuva BantuuMongolia

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