Monday, May 2, 2011

Stefan Struve, "Dutch Mountains" Preview

The AFAV film crew took a moment away from the Dutch K-1 scene to offer this preview of their upcoming Stefan Struve series. The series will follow Struve as he gets ready for his UFC 130 showdown with Travis Browne.

The first thirty-five seconds of the video, complete with picturesque scenes of plush Dutch pastures, could easily pass for one of those boring PBS travel shows. The rest of this preview makes absolutely no sense. Struve goes through a sparring session with some burly, pirate-looking guy, and rides his bike home where he sits down at the computer to look up current the prices on call girls in Amsterdam. Okay, that last part was my plan for the rest of the evening. But, you get my point -- does this preview have a point??? Let's just hope the actual series is better than its preview.

If anything, it gave me a strong craving for Heineken. Next stop, liquor store. After that, Amsterdam!!!

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