Monday, May 23, 2011

New York State Senate Session Debate on Mixed Martial Arts Bill [Video]

Earlier today the New York State Senate passed a bill to legalize mixed martial arts in the state. This action brings the sport one step closer to seeing cagefighting in Madison Square Garden. The bill must now pass the New York State Assembly and the Governor's desk before it is officially authorized.

Special props to NY State Senator Kevin Parker (Democrat, Brooklyn) who so passionately defended the sport before the Senate:

"...I'm actually rising to support this bill. As mentioned, you know, I carried this bill last year. And I want to thank Senator Griffo for his leadership and making sure that this bill comes to the floor. I think that there's some misunderstandings about this sport, about how it's developed, and where we are to day.

I think some of the things that you've heard characterized were absolutely correct at the beginning of the sport. What's happened over time is that the sport has evolved and has taken up a lot more safeguards. And so what you might have saw, if many of you watched and you've seen like K-1 fighting -- those things, what you saw there is not what you see here. Some of the shootfights that you may see in Japan -- what you saw there is not what you see here. There's a lot more safeguards. Part of the numbers that you were hearing Senator Krueger talk about, why they stopped in 2007? Because that's when the safeguards were actually put into place to make the sport more in line with what we see now in Boxing. And so you don't see the kind of injuries and even the kind of violence that you once saw in the sport. And so, I think under the old circumstances I would not be standing here asking my colleagues to vote for this thing. This bill that I think under the new rules, I think we are certainly are seeing something that's worth us doing..."

It's always good to know there's some politicians who share our interests. Let's hope there's some MMA fans in the NY State Assembly.

MMA in New York in 2011! Let's go!!!

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