Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Maximo Blanco Pursues UFC and Strikeforce Gold

Nowhere to go but up.

Maximo Blanco's recent signing with Strikeforce marks the promotion's biggest signing since it was purchased by Zuffa back in March. The signing may have been perfect timing for one highly unsatisfied Strikeforce Lighweight Champion, Gilbert Melendez, who has voiced his displeasure with Strikeforces' lightweight short depth roster. With the 155 lb. weight division practically quarantined by Melendez, Maximo could be a viable future contender for the shallow Strikeforce 155 lb. division.

For now, Blanco is taking no shorts. He has his eyes set on Strikeforce and UFC titles. Speaking on his behalf, his management, Suckerpunch Entertainment LLC, shared the following statement with FightJerk:
"Maximo Blanco made a decision to leave SRC to test himself against the best of the bests in the world, and his ultimate goal is to become a UFC and Strikeforce champion. Therefore, Maximo has decided to fight for the promotion that would give him a good possibility to achieve his goal in the very near future."

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