Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jeff Lacy on Nick Diaz: "It's a challenge to me at the end of the day"

"I don't know too much about his style, but I know boxing." -Jeff Lacy

This thing is getting hot quick. Nick Diaz and Jeff Lacy have signed on for a boxing match that looks to make Manny Pacquia vs. Shane Mosley look like schoolyard fight. Jeff Lacy joined Dave Cokin, Gareth Davies, and Steve Cofield on ESPN Radio to discuss the planned meeting with Strikeforce Welterweight Champion Nick Diaz. Jeff Lacy is firm on one point: "It's two different sports." While all the rest sounds like gibberish, his main point pretty much sums it up. I doubt Nick Diaz will have to complain about any lack of competition after this bout.

Much credit to Lacy for respecting the sport of MMA, but making the clear distinction between the two sports. Lacy admits his deficiency on the ground (as in an MMA bout) but realizes his obvious advantage over Diaz in the ring.

Vid Props: NCAASteve (ESPN Radio/Yahoo Sports)

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