Monday, May 16, 2011

Badr Hari is Back!!! KO's Tony Gregory in Round 1

Two-time K-1 Heavyweight Champion Badr Hari returned to the kickboxing ring yesterday for the first time in a year. He defeated Tony Gregory in round 1 of their bout at "It's Showtime" in Lyon, France.

The big question is, will we ever get to see a Hari-Overeem rubber match? Now that Zuffa has acquired Strikeforce a question mark looms over Alistair Overeem's K-1 career. We're all sure he will return to the kickboxing ring someday, but will his MMA stay taint his relevance in the K-1 arena.

In other news, it is good to hear that HDNet and It's Showtime have secured a broadcast partnership. With K-1 still on the fritz, it looks like kickboxing fans in the states will get to see guys like Badr Hari and Semmy Schilt bash peoples heads in more regularly.

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