Monday, May 9, 2011

Antonio McKee on Shinya Aoki Fight: "Still Waiting"

Antonio McKee and Jamie Varner are two names that have been thrown around as potential opponents for Shinya Aoki at Dream "Fight for Japan". Mixed reports have made the match-up situation a little confusing. MMA Weekly confirmed that Varner has not yet signed on for the bout and that McKee would need to get his travel documentation in order for a trip to Japan.

Meanwhile, MMA-Japan reported today that Shinya Aoki confirmed with them that he will face Jamie Varner at the event. However, in the same article, MMA-Japan also noted that "Jamie Varner's management, however, has stated no bout agreement has been signed."

I contacted Antonio McKee moments ago who in unlikely Antonio McKee fashion (he usually has so much more to say), offered the following very brief statement:
"Still waiting."
That's a short answer, especially for McKee who can always find a way to throw in a few extra words. As it stands, folks are still waiting to see who the brightest pants in MMA will face. Varner, McKee, Chris Brown, Charlie Sheen???

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