Wednesday, May 18, 2011

AFO Deals With Muy Thai Sanctioning in Massachusetts, Reschedules May 20 Event

The Massachuesetts-based mixed martial arts promotion American Fighting Organization issued a press release last week announcing that their inaugural "hybrid" MMA/Muy Thai event has been cancelled. The press release cites "concerns over the newfound sanctioning of Muay Thai in Massachusetts" as the reason for the change. AFO's MMA/Muy Thai event date has been changed to July 29.

Meanwhile, AFO's June 17 event, "Summer Brawl 2," appears to be a go. The AFO will invade the Holiday Inn Grand Ballroom in Mansfield, Massachusetts to present AFO title fights in the featherweight, heavyweight, welterweight, and women's flyweight divisions.

AFO Postpones Muay Thai Division
May 13th, 2011

The American Fighting Organization has decided to postpone its upcoming hybrid MMA / Muay Thai event scheduled for May 20th in Billerica, MA to July 29th in Revere, Ma due to concerns over the newfound sanctioning of Muay Thai in Massachusetts.

As of the release of this statement the state of Massachusetts Commission has yet to appoint a set of rules for Muay Thai. In a meeting on May 10th, The AFO office handed into the state 15 pages of rules to assist them in this process.
“Massachusetts’ just recently decided to sanction Muay Thai combat and we felt that we’d give everyone involved a little more time to figure out all the nuts and bolts.” said AFO President Pete Dilorenzo.

He added, “The Massachusetts commission has been incredibly helpful in helping make this happen and were even willing to rush a lot of things along to help make this show happen for the fighters and fans. However, we’re not in a race with other promoters to become the first ones to do Muay Thai. We pride ourselves over the quality product we put out and if waiting an extra month will assure that, then that’s what we’ll do.”

Dilorenzo says the AFO will be ready for the debut of its Muay Thai division this summer and a date of July 29th at the Wonderland ballroom in Revere, MA has been set as inaugural show.

The previous idea of a joint Muay Thai / MMA show has been scrapped and instead the AFO will run two shows in July in Revere at the Wonderland Ballroom, one dedicated to Muay Thai and one dedicated to MMA.

2010 runner-up for amateur prospect of the year Ricardo “The Water Buffalo” Georges.On July 15th, MMA will take center stage with Brockton’s Shawn “The Neck Breaker” Baker in action as well as the pro debut of
On July 29th, it will be the long awaited premiere of the AFO’s Muay Thai division. Bouts will be announced shortly. Kickboxing standout and AFO MMA alum Tom Evans will be handling the matchmaking.

Between then and now, the AFO will continue its reputation as not just being the most active MMA promotion on the northeast, but also the best matchmaking when on June 17th at AFO Summer Brawl in Mansfield 4 professional championship bouts will be contested.

For information on all of these events and to purchase tickets, visit or call 401-286-3413.

The AFO recently posted this 30 second promotional commercial. Check it out!

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