Friday, April 8, 2011

Will MFC 29 usher in a new era for the Maximum Fighting Championships?

Is big-show status in the MFC's crystal ball???

In just a few hours Mark Pavelich and the Maximum Fighting Championships will present their twenty-ninth installment, MFC 29: "Conquer." The event marks the first MFC event since Zuffa's purchase of Strikeforce. This puts the Edmonton-based organization in a position to further prove their worth (as they've been doing for about twelve years now) as promotions scurry to move up on the promotional ladder. Now that Strikeforce is officially Zuffa property, the question now becomes: who is the second best promotion in the world?

The timing couldn't have been better for the MFC, who will make their Ontario debut tonight. Hosted by the Caesars Colosseum in Windsor, MFC 29 will be the first major MMA event to take place in the province of Ontario. It will also be the first time that MFC bouts will take place inside a cage. The promotion has always prided their use of a ring, however Ontario rules require the use of a cage for mixed martial arts events. Cutting no corners, the MFC has embraced the cage concept, and has skillfully promoted it with a cage-naming contest. Ironically, the official name of the MFC's cage is "The Ring."

As for tonight's event, fast rising welterweight prospect (or should we even bother to describe him as a "prospect" if the MFC is truly on big show status?) and current MFC Welterweight Champion Douglas Lima will take on UFC veteran Terry Martin. The co-main event presents a light heavyweight title bout between reigning MFC Light Heavyweight Champion Ryan Jimmo and experienced vet Zak Cummings.

In other action, UFC lightweight title contender Hermes Franca will face up-and-comer Robert Washington in a catchweight 160 lb. contest. Washington dropped a split decision to Tyrone Glover at MFC 28 in February. Meanwhile, Strikeforce/UFC veteran and MFC mainstay Pete Spratt will take on Bellator veteran Demi Deeds in welterweight action. Also, Dhiego Lima (4-0) will join his older brother Douglas on the card as he looks to stay perfect against Josh Taveirne who makes his MFC debut. The younger Lima electrified the crowd with his second round KO of Bill Fraser at MFC 27 last November.

The MFC has much to prove tonight, but they have the ammunition to prove it. Over the past few months they have signed a squadron of top prospects to include names like Douglas and Dhiego Lima, as well as Tyrone Glover, and UFC veteran Marcus Davis. The move complements their already thick roster of veteran fighters such as Antonio McKee and Ryan Jimmo. With a well-balanced roster, expanding venues/markets, and broadcast partnership in place (HDNet Fights), the MFC has all of the ingredients in place for big show status.

Maximum Fighting Championship 29: "Conquer"
April 8, 2011
Caesars Colosseum
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

MFC Welterweight Championship
Douglas Lima vs. Terry Martin

MFC Light Heavyweight Championship
Ryan Jimmo vs. Zak Cummings

Hermes Franca vs. Robert Washington
Pete Spratt vs. Demi Deeds
Marcus Davis vs. Curtis Demarce
Andreas Spang vs. Ali Mokdad
Dhiego Lima vs. Josh Taveirne
Pete Brown vs. Matthew Spisak
Brent Franczuz vs. Ben Jamieson
Chucky Mady vs. Bo Harris

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