Saturday, April 16, 2011

Video Find: "Beyond the Sweat"

Guess I'd better brush up on my Italian...

I have no idea what is being said in this vid but it looks like the start of something good. It was shot by an Italian amateur filmmaker named Alessandro Migliore (Lemon Prdct™), who appears to be promoting a documentary about MMA in Italy. But I'll leave the rest to the filmmaker while I get my Italian language skills in order:

"After a several years of pratice, I felt the exigency to share and tell somenthing about the world of M.M.A sport in Italy, the world that I believe.

I hope to give, with this scenes, this word, the real meaning of this way of life... through sweat, blood, heart and totally abnegation, so i think of this Documentary.

Eight interview, eight different stories, linked to the world of fight sports.

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