Saturday, April 16, 2011

UFC 130: "Edgar vs. Maynard III" Trailer

Edgar vs. Maynard for the third time. Frank Mir vs. Roy Nelson=Elvis impersonator vs. heavy-handed, doughnut eating hillbilly. Rampage vs. Matt Hamill has "powerbomb" written all over it.

Moments like this take me back to my 7th grade writing class. I had this ugly teacher named Mrs. Snodgrass. When it came to summarizing a text, her go-to phrase was "Keep it simple stupid!!!" It was her evil spin on the writing reminder, "Keep it short and simple," or K.I.S.S. for short. Well, thanks to Mrs. Snodgrass, in all of her witch-like ugliness, I can summarize the predicted outcome of the UFC's upcoming UFC 130 event in one short sentence:

Somebody's gonna get knocked the f**k out!!!

Enough of my horrifying grade school memories, peep the UFC 130 video primer...

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