Sunday, April 24, 2011

Two Badass Films: "Cages" and "Caged Dreams"

It seems like MMA has become a preferred theme for short/independent films. The typical storyline: An ambitious young fighter is determined to find his way out of the trailer park, battling all odds, willing to win at all costs.

Well, don't allow my bad humor to discredit films that promote our sport, like the two trailers below. The first film, Cages, is brought to us by Grown Up Boy Films. It follows the life of Andre Soukhamthath, an amateur fighter from Rhode Island who is trying to come up in the sport. I might add -- the Linkin Park soundtrack added just the right touch!

The next trailer presents a film titled Caged Dreams, a movie with a very interesting plot:

"An MMA trainer, Mac, adopts his deceased friend's son, Randy, and trains him to be a professional fighter. Out of fear that Randy might fail, Mac fix the boys first three fights with the help of gangsters. When Randy's seventh fight comes up, Mac's dark past catches up with him and puts Randy's life at risk." The XFC and Christopher James are all over this one!


Directed by Benjamin Zidel
Camera - Benjamin Zidel, Raymond Lisi, Christopher Lee
Edited by Christopher Lee
Music - "Waiting For the End" by Linkin' Park

*   *   *

Caged Dreams

Guzzo Bros Films
Director: Pete Guzzo
Screenplay: Paul Guzzo
D.P.: Erik Curtis
Editors: The Verso & Evan Smith
Title Sequence: Javier Fick and The Verso

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