Friday, April 29, 2011

SHC - Monson vs. Perak Preview: Maro 'Mean Machine' Perak Up Close

The guy that Jeff Monson will have to face on his path back into the UFC Octagon is a monster. Tomorrow night in Switzerland Monson will go head-to-head with one fierce fighter in Maro 'Mean Machine' Perak. Frankly, Perak might be the baddest thing to come out of Croatia since Dalmatian Dogs. He's a Judo fighter who's Muy Thai skills are proven against the most durable Mack truck tires (see video below). The human muscle ball Jeff Monson can't afford to gas out early against this guy. Should be a banger!!!

The following highlight video was posted on YouTube almost two years ago. Maro Perak has racked up eight wins since its posting to compile a 20-2-1 record.

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