Sunday, April 24, 2011

Real Rio Show : Episode 2, Part 3 and Middle Easy Evolve MMA Tour

This series only gets better with every episode...

Episode 2, Part 3 Quick Notes:
  • Rafael dos Anjos' back-taking series is an instructional dvd in the making. I feel guilty, like viewing his rear-naked choke finish for free was part of some internet video pirating scheme.
  • There's no Brazilian Jiu Jitsu show without the appearance of any member of the legendary Gracie family tree. Enter Robson Gracie Jr!!!
  • Someone donate some handheld translating devices for our English-speaking buddies down their so they can get their mack on properly!
  • I wish the guys in the van blaring "we buy scrap metal" messages up and down the street would drive by here. I have a mountain of trash in my back yard they can have for free.
  • I would like to personally thank the camera man for the close-ups on the persons of the opposite sex. Unfortunately, I can't stand up without being noticed right now. There's a hole forming in the middle of my laptop keyboard as I type this very entry.
  • Lesson of the day: food and sex are universal languages.

*   *   *

The Real Rio Show has brought us some awesome BJJ programming from the Evolve MMA/Gordo Jiu Jitsu in Rio de Janeiro, but viewers might also find it interesting that the Evolve network is based in Singapore where its Far East Square and Pomo Mall schools are located.

Massive props to for highlighting Evolve MMA-Singapore. creator/writer Zeus Tipado traveled to Singapore (is that gangster or what?) to Evolve MMA's Far East Square campus. Zeus takes us on a tour of the facility. This place is like the royal palace of MMA gyms -- all hail Evolve MMA!

And yes, that is Shinya Aoki at the end of the video, surfing the net. Zeus didn't catch the ring girl air humping, flying submission artist in pink tights looking anime porn though. Funny enough, he was viewing

By the way, the school is looking for a wrestling coach. So, if you think you have mat skills hit 'em up!!! No washed up forty year-old high school wrestling wannabees need apply -- I guess that means I should refrain from submitting my resume? :(

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