Friday, April 8, 2011

Awesome MMA Movie Alert: Warrior

Finally, an MMA movie that might actually be worth more than flea market shelf sale. Gavin O'Connor's Warrior depicts actor Tom Hardy as a go-for-broke, teacher-turned-fighter. Set in Philadelphia, Warrior delivers the true grit of Rocky and the underdog spirit of Rudy. offers the following synopsis:
"The youngest son (Hardy) of an alcoholic former boxer (Nolte) returns home, where he's trained by his father for competition in a mixed martial arts tournament."
This film is a definite winner. From the looks of the trailer (below), the production is top quality. Director/writer Gavin O'Connor is experienced on the set, claiming critically acclaimed movies like Miracle and The Bet to his name. O'Connor is no stranger to the fight game either, he was involved in the production of "The Smashing Machine," a documentary about UFC/Pride vet Mark Kerr. Warrior also boasts some heavy acting names with the great Nick Nolte, Jennifer Morrison, and Joe Edgerton playing major roles.

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