Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Girl Fight Announcement: Erika Kamimura vs. Silvia La Notte set for Rise 78 kickboxing event

Popular JMMA site NightmareofBattle reported earlier today that eighteen year old Muy Thai standout, Erika Kamimura has been scheduled to face Silvia La Notte, an Italian two-time J-Girls World Queen Tournament at Rise 78 on June 4. Kamimura comes off a victory against shootboxing star RENA in an exhibition match last week at Shootboxing 2011, Act 2.

NoB added the following stats:

Erika Kamimura
Nickname: The Strongest Female High School Student
Height: 157 cm
Date of birth: 1992/12/30
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Record: 17-1 (7 (T)KO’s)
Titles: WMC World Women’s Mini Flyweight champion, WPMF World Women’s Mini Flyweight champion, former J-GIRLS Mini Flyweight champion


Silvia La Notte
Nickname: Little Devil
Height: 158 cm
Date of birth: 1982/8/15
Hometown: Milan, Italy
Record: 53-7-3 (13 (T)KO’s)
Titles: J-GIRLS World Queen Tournament 2008 & 2009 champion, WAKO World Women’s 48kg & 50kg champion, Savate World 48kg & 51kg champion, WPKO Europe 53kg champion

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