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Damn, Damn, Damn!!! Shooto Tradition 2011 Results

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Damn! Damn! Damn! I missed Shooto Tradition 2011!!!

I'm having a real-life Florida Evans moment, hence the gif from the funniest episode of "Good Times" ever (when Flo's husband James dies, but that really shouldn't be funny, huh?). Anyway, I'm screaming "Damn!" because I missed what was probably the best Shooto card so far this year. I wish I could track down that old Asian guy at the flea market who used to hook me up with all the old Shooto and Pancrase videos.

As for the event itself, I know as much as you do -- what the quick results show, plus what I've read on a few sites. But what I do know is that the Shooto-KOTC relationship is paying off. At least I think it is. I'm assuming the importation of KOTC Bantamweight Champion Donald Sanchez to face Shooto/Sengoku Featherweight Champion Hatsu Hioki was a result of the relationship they formed last year when King of the Cage staged their first show in Japan. That same relationship set up Mamoru Yamaguchi's junior flyweight title run with King of the Cage. As for Shooto Tradition, Hioki stopped Sanchez in the second round with a triangle choke in a bout that makes me wonder how cool it would be if KOTC and Shooto set up a dual title bout, or even better, a co-promoted event! But that's just another idea to go right between sex with J-Lo and air boarding on the moon in my long list of fantasies.

New Flyweight and Featherweight Champions
Shooto Tradition 2011 put two titles on the line. Former Shooto Featherweight champ Shuichiro Katsumura should've known better than to stand with Koetsu Okazaki. He obviously underestimated the challenger. That cost Katsumura a second round loss, and Koetsu Okazaki is crowned the new Shooto 132 lb. Champion. Meanwhile, with Rambaa "M-16" Somdet having vacated the Shooto Flyweight Title due to a bicep injury, Junji Ikoma and Junji "Sarumaru" Ito both fought hard to prove themselves worthy of the 114 lb. title. Ito and Ikoma put on a stand-up war, with winning face-pounding contest.

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Shooto Tradition 2011
April 29, 2011
Tokyo Dome City Hall,
Tokyo, Japan

Lion Takeshi def Taiki Tsuchiya via TKO (strikes) Round 2

Shooto Featherweight Championship Bout
Koetsu Okazaki def Shuichiro Katsumura via TKO (strikes) Round 2

Hatsu Hioki def Donald Sanchez via submission (triangle choke) Round 2

Flyweight Shooto Championship Bout
Junji Ikoma def Junji Ito via decision

Kuniyoshi Hironaka def Takashi Nakakura via decision
Yuki Shojo def Noboru Tahara via decision
Mikhito Yamagami def Atsushi Takeuchi via decision
Kyoji Horiguchi def Takahiro Hosoi via TKO (strikes)
Koshi Matsumoto vs. Akira Okada ruled split draw
Munehiro Kin def Daisuke Hoshino via DQ (Kick to the Groin)

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