Saturday, April 16, 2011

Anderson Silva Kicks Balls: Futbol, Futsal, Soccer, whatever you wanna call it...

Don't worry, "The Spider" hasn't resorted to Cheick Kongo-style nut-checking... Just a fun game of indoor soccer. And if you know anything about our beloved Brazilian friends, they sweat Vale Tudo, but they bleed futbol.

Anderson Silva shows the world where he draws his foot-eye coordination (in addition to the magical instruction of Steven Segal) in a game of five-on-five soccer, otherwise known as futsal, or indoor soccer to some of us uninternational Americans. In this game, Silva plays defender ("fixo" in Portugese), and easily outplays a couple players of the weaker sex (that's a joke, female readers). And by the way, I'm positive that is not Ed Soares playing goalie, he's definitely not in any kind of shape!

Vid Props: YouTube/Shk1910

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