Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rene "Level" Martinez Tatted' Up in Urban Ink Magazine

I doubt this guy needs tatts to look tough...

YouTube streetfighting sensation-turned-mixed martial artist Rene "Level" Martinez embodies the culture of MMA -- the hard body, the bald head, and of course, body art -- tattoos. Ink has a fond place in mixed martial arts. From Quinton Jackson's "God's Street Soldier" stamp to Cain Velasquez's humungous "Brown Pride" tatt, there's no doubt that body inking is an outward expression of the warrior lifestyle.

Urban Ink Magazine  recently snapped shots of the Level's creative tattoos. The Miami-based fighter's body art tells the story of a street veteran who has found a new fight -- a fight in the cage, a fight for God.

Check out this free preview of Level's photo layout in Urban Ink. Visit the Urban Ink website to learn where to purchase Urban Ink Magazine.

About Urban Ink Magazine:
Urban Ink Magazine is a tattoo magazine for "people of color." The publication has featured body art from celebrities like The Game, Rick Ross, and Rihanna among others.

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