Sunday, March 20, 2011

On Jones-Evans Training: If not Jackson's, Where???

Now that Rashad Evans knows that his next opponent will be former Jackson's MMA training partner Jon Jones, the big question is "where will he train for the big fight?" Greg Jackson has already stated that he "won't have anything to do" with training either Jones or Evans in preparation for their bout. Evans has expressed that he is "done with Jackson's."

It's easy to guess that Rashad will probably move to one of the two "co-operative gyms" associated with Jackson's, most likely Grudge Training Center in Colorado, or maybe Tristar Gym in Montreal. Still, that situation could put him in situations close to the Jackson camp. If Rashad chooses to separate himself from any and all of Greg Jackson's associations, where might this lead him? AKA? H.I.T. Squad? American Top Team?

Furthermore, we've heard from Rashad and Greg Jackson, but besides Jon Jones himself, one person we haven't heard from is Phil Nurse. The kickboxing trainer has trained and cornered both fighters. Who will Phil Nurse decide to train, or will he opt out like Jackson? How will it affect his relationship with the fighters?

This whole situation makes for one big male soap opera in the meantime. I think there's a strong possibility that somehow another major training camp/facility could be created out of all this. Stay tuned...

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