Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's Showtime! 47 Results

With K-1 on the fritz, Dutch kickboxing promo "It's Showtime!" stands as the world's premiere kickboxing organization. Tonight's event featured a 61 kg. world title match between Karim Bennoui and Sergio Wielzenn.

It's Showtime! 47 Quick Results:
Brussels Fight Night Group (BFN) presents: "It's Showtime! 47"
March 26, 2011
Brussels, Belgium

It's Showtime 61 Kg Max World Title
Karim Bennoui def. Sergio Wielzenn(Decision 4-1)

Sahak Parparyan Marco Vlieger (Decision 4-1)
Marat Grigorian def. Severiano Rijssel (TKO, 2nd round)
Lefterio Perego def. Sonny Dagraed (decision 4-1)
Andy Ristie def. Nick Beljaards (KO, 1st round)
Evgeniy Kurovskoy def. Andre Grigorian (decision 5-0 )

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