Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Fightville" Trailer

I'm crossing my fingers, hoping that this will be THE BIG MMA FILM. The mixed martial arts film industry has racked up a bunch of budget movies over the past few years. Let's slow the rising stack of dust-collecting MMA films, and finally get a movie that is good enough for Imax!

Enter Fightville, our big screen MMA film hopeful, a street level documentary about the fight life. The film examines the culture of mixed martial arts from the perspective of small promotions and the fighters who fight in them. It's a simple film that repaints the portrait of a sport, often described as vulgar and brutal, in colors of passion, dedication, and heart.

Fightville was one of eight documentaries selected for world premiere in this year's South by Southwest Documentary Feature Competition.


  1. The film will also premiere on 4/28 in Toronto the night before UFC Fan Expo and UFC129.


    Great review here:


  2. Was the best MMA Documentary I have ever seen. Small town fighters are REAL PEOPLE TOO!