Thursday, March 17, 2011

March Matness: D-1 Wrestling underway in the "City of Brotherly Love"

The NCAA D-1 Wrestling Championships broke ground earlier this morning in the land of cheesesteakes, hoagies, The Liberty Bell, and Rocky -- The City of Brotherly Love -- Philly. Peep this late video preview via the Flocenter (

Also, here's some quick points of note:
  • Props to Joe and Marty for keeping up with the latest fashion trends -- blazers over wrestling singlettes are definitely the new hotness.
  • Does Cornell have it in the bag, or will Penn State bring it home for the Big 10? Either way, it'll be a big deal for the East Coast!
  • Massive Props to the FloCrew for biggin' up the Ohio Athletic Committee Junior High State Championships and the sometimes overlooked NCWA championships!
  • These days I can't tell who has the better mustache, Bruce Baumgartner or Don Frye??? Hmmm???

For D-1 Wrestling Championships info and updates visit the official NCAA Wrestling page.

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