Friday, March 18, 2011

Bloodstain Lane responds to Zuff-Strikeforce purchase

"Tappin' jaws. Layin' down laws..." -Infamous M-O-B-B.

Only 'The Stain' would take his Zuffa-purchase-of-Strikeforce-frustration out on little kids by kicking them off the playground to film a vlog entry -- poor kids. A lil' jungle gym playtime and some shadow boxing to a ill Mobb Deep soundtrack make for the perfect pre-interview warm-up before The Team Takeover gangster goes in on the issues. Some observations:
  • Is Lane competing with Charles "Krazy Horse" Bennett for a Black & Milds sponsorship?
  • Ted Dibiase is a "prophet." He predicted all of this back in the '80s -- "Everybody has a price."
  • Strikeforce was "on the come-up," and they "sold out."
  • Strikeforce are a bunch of "industry motherf*****s" (studio gangsters). "We (Team Takeover) in-the-street motherf*****s."
  • UFC doesn't support the WMMA circuit.

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