Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Will Hatsu Hioki's Comments become Japanese MMA's Death Blow?

The pot of JMMA drama and controversy has been stirred once again. This time Hatsu Hioki holds the spoon.

Imagine if Tapout pulled all its MMA sponsorships. The results would be devasting, catastrophic. Well, that's probably the best way to describe the situation in Japan right now. Sengoku featherweight champion Hatsu Hioki recently made some comments critical of SRC's handling of their New Year's Eve event "Soul of Fight." The comments didn't sit well with major Japanese MMA sponsor Don Quijote, and now it looks like Quijote could discontinue its support of WVR's Sengoku events. Consequently, World Victory Road has postponed the SRC 17 event originally scheduled for April 23. We've all been expecting the final death of Japanese MMA, and through Hatsu Hioki's comments, we may have witnessed the death blow. MMAFighting's Daniel Herbertson wraps up the situation:

The statement from World Victory Road then says that Takashima's article has caused SRC parent company Don Quijote to reassess it's support of Japanese MMA.

"Don Quijote, the parent company of SRC and a big sponsor of Japanese MMA, has stated that they are considering withdrawal of their support if this lopsided tone against SRC continues," the WVR statement claims. "We cannot understand why Mr.Takashima wrote such things knowing that Japanese MMA will not be able to survive without the support from large corporations like Don Quijote."

Discount chain store Don Quijote, chaired by Takao Yasuda, is arguably the most important company supporting Japanese MMA. Don Quijote's money bought Pancrase out of debt, founded SRC's parent company World Victory Road and has been a major sponsor of Shooto, DREAM and Pride FC.

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