Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Technical Tip: The Superman Punch, Jersey Shore Style

MTV's Jersey Shore defines the meaning of reality t.v. with its rich blend of sex, drama, and violence. All three elements converged in the latest episode when cast couple Ronnie and Sammi had yet another spat on the patio. Usually Ronnie is the one known for throwing 'bows on the boardwalk, but this time it was Sammi wildin' out, as she chin-checked Ronnie with a swift superman punch (0:04). Notice how she kicks out with her right foot to drive her left hand clean into Ronnies face. Classic.

While we're on a roll. . .
The altercaton with Ronnie wasn't Sammi's first brawl on the set this season. On a previous episode she got into it with rival castmate JWoww. Peep how Sammi opens the bout by feinting, drawing a straight left by JWoww which she cleanly slips. If only she had followed up with the left.

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