Saturday, February 5, 2011

Paul Buentello Reaches Out [ILLegal Elbow]

A wise man once said, "A true warrior never gives up." This statement is so very true for former UFC heavyweight title contender Paul Buentello. The Amarillo, Texas native is one among a slew of fighters released from the UFC roster over the past year. With a struggling economy and the consequently poor job market, Mr. Buentello finds himself in a situation that too many of us can relate to. Simply put, times are hard, but the warrior, better known as "The Headhunter" has not given up. There's a lesson here -- don't give up, press on, stay the course. . .

From the desk of Paul "The Headhunter Buentello" (via ILLegal Elbow):

Paul Buentello (Props: The Underground)
Well it's a new year and its off to a quick start, with the first month gone already!

This year started off in a very low spot for me. As everyone knows by now, December was not a good month. The facts are clear, fighting for free is not the way to go!

So with that being said, allow me to make this statement: Fighting is in my blood. Fighting has been my life, and I love the hell out of this sport. I plan on riding this fight game till the wheels fall off. My body still feels young, and my mind is hungry to win and make it back to the SHOW!!

As of right now no fight contract is holding me down anywhere. If a MMA show needs anything from an undercard fight to a main event fight......Call me first!

The main point is that no contract is blocking me to fight anywhere! I heard a story a few days ago that a promotion said that they thought I was under a contract. So the main thing here is that I'm free to fight anywhere, anytime, and against anyone!

MMA gyms - if you want to do a seminar or meet and greet give me a call, I'm ready to travel and train in new places for a few days. My seminars consist of alot of striking drills, conditioning, and cool tips and tricks from my years training with the best in the business.

Promoters - if you are in need of a commentary or play-by-play guy for your shows, I'm your guy. I have seen it all in this sport, and everyone wants to hear an active fighter give his view on the fights.

So back to the fight game, the best news of all: My training camp is back at AKA!! So there will be no lack of knowledge in my training camps. I am now learning lots of new skills and improving my strengths and weaknesses.

Let's leave it at this; I'm not going anywhere! I plan to train and be ready for the next fight promotion to call and go out ready to fight hard with a "win/win" attitude!

Again, a million thanks to all the true, supportive, and unbelievable friends I have around me who stepped up. Everyone really helped me get out of the struggle that I experienced from the infamous "Nemesis" show that f****d all of the fighters.

I truly love you all guys from the heart!!!

Thanks you the fans for all the support, and I hope this note will stir up some fights for all you guys to watch and enjoy!!

Paul "The Headhunter" Buentello

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