Monday, February 7, 2011

MMA Warlike Show Coming Soon!!!

MMA Hotwire and the North American MMA Network are proud to support member site as they venture into internet radio show production. The show will make the perfect complement to the network's current syndication which includes the Illegal Elbow Radio Show. The Warlike Crew made the following announcement earlier today:
Well, We have finally done it! We have taken that step into the unknown and chose to launch a radio show....God help us all! We really hope to have everyones full support and you listen to our show. We cannot promise you the best show and professionalism but we can promise that you will have fun and enjoy our "mistakes and stutters." We will be having Benji Radach on the show and discussing the past MMA events. We will also be welcoming phone calls from fans of this great sport with their thoughts of past and future MMA events. Hope to have you listen to the show and show your support. Join us Feb 21st at 9pm....Look forward to chatting with you!
Click here to get to know the Warlike Hosts!

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