Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lights Out: "Bolo Punch" (Episode #4) Recap [Video Update]

If you've been keeping up with our weekly reviews of FX's drama series Lights Out, then you may realize just how accurate my predictions for last night's episde were. Last week I pretty much predicted the obvious -- that 'Lights' would have to save Johnny's ass, by jumping in the cage with a crooked brute played by Bas Rutten. However, what I didn't predict was just how awful the fight scene would be.

It looks like Johnny's poor money management skills will be a constant sub-plot throughout the season. In the latest episode, "Bolo Punch," Johnny's financial mishandlings and betting debts put the Leary gym/family in a bind once again, and this time the bookies show no sympathy or patience. Two goons, one played by Bas Rutten, approach Johnny, demanding payment of unpaid betting debts. Lights is able to work out a deal to save Johnny's butt. In order to save Johnny, and in turn the Leary Gym, Lights must fight the goon played by Bas Rutten, who also happens to be a champion MMA fighter.

Meanwhile, Omar, the young boxer who was KO'ed in the previous episode, arrived at the gym, pistol in hand, demanding his fight money. Lights plays braveheart, stands in front of the gun, and convinces him to leave. Then, only to make matters worse Lights' wife Theresa pledges 50 big ones to a church mission.

So, it's Lights to the rescue. . .
In a typical empty warehouse fight scene, Lights meets Johnny's bookies. Johnny is being held as collateral, so Lights must fight the MMA fighter-slash-goon played by Bas Rutten in order to save Johnny, eliminate the betting debts, and secure enough dough to keep the family above water.

Lights and the goon (Bas) take to the cage, a rusty, messy, junkyard built one in the middle of a bare loft floor. They square off in front of an small audience of betting businessmen. To sum up the action, Lights looks ridiculous in a pair of boxing trunks, as the two engage in a crude, pro wrestling-like fight. They go back and forth, and Lights magically learns how to handle himself on the ground. He demonstrates how to escape an armbar by pushing Bas' leg off of his face and turning in (but that would never work at my gym). At one point, Bas starts choking out Lights, but again Lights pulls another magic trick and gets out. Unified MMA rules are thrown out the door, as the match ends when Lights KO's Bas by upper-cutting him in the throat.

Another episode saved by Lights himself. Johnny lives another day to frivolously spend money and have sex with young single moms in his back office, and his family gets to go on believing they are rich. A more touching moment -- Lights pays Omar a portion of his fight money, and pledges to help him make a comeback.

So, the cagefight we all hoped to get something out of was a blow, but the show didn't go without a moral-- always wear boxing trunks to a mixed martial arts fight, they'll make you look so incredibly horrible you'll have to win.

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UPDATE: Kinda late, but here's the not-very-realistic cage scene:

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