Friday, February 4, 2011

Eddie Bravo's response to Royce Gracie comments misunderstood?

The drama started with some comments by BJJ legend Royce Gracie. According to The Underground (video by -- peep their site, they make awesome vids with sick soundtracks):
In a recent interview (see video) Royce Gracie commented about "bad" teachers that re-name moves and claim them as a new and more effective style, a statement that could be taken as being directed at the most innovative teacher in BJJ, Eddie Bravo. Eddie responds below the video.

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Bravo's first response (on The Underground). The referenced track featuring Rakaa follows:
go to and search for "Smoke Serpent", the song is "Jiu Jitsu" and it features Rakaa from the legendary underground hip hop band Dialated Peoples. Rakaa is a purple belt under Ryron Gracie, thank you very much for the support!

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Eddie's follow-up post:
After a message board raping by posters, Eddie finally clarifies his reference to the "Jiu Jitsu" track. He includes a portion of the song lyrics.
The song is a tribute to Jiu Jitsu, the Gracies included. Rakaa is rappin the first verse, he's a Ryron purple belt.

"WE DID IT MAMA WE DID IT (a Vitor Belfort reference from when he beat Marvin Eastman)
I DID IT FOR I DID IT FOR JIU JITSU (everything I have ever done in 10th Planet including teaching without the gi has been for jiu jitsu. The most important thing to me is how jiu jitsu looks on the main card of the UFC, I've been doing all I can to help. The jiu jitsu chant in the song is taken from the classic Brazilian chant)
THE GAME WILL NEVER BE THE SAME (evolution is a beautiful thing)"
This is not a diss song, it's a tribute
oh and PS, there was no red X intended, I was just trying to put my little happy face at the end of my statement that's all :)

. . . So you see, just a misunderstanding. The song was a "tribute" not a counter to Gracie's comments. If Eddie really wanted to attack Royce, he would've just created some bonged out video for the "Mastering the System" series or a silly parody with Joey Karate. But you've gotta admit, the rap did make your head bop a little bit.

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