Saturday, February 19, 2011

Xtreme Fighting Championships taps Chinese market

China is the largest, fastest growing economy in the world. With that considered, the Chinese sports market possesses great potential. China has found itself in the cross hairs of many mixed martial arts promotions. Optimistic but underequipped Japanese promotion Deep postponed its January event planned for Macau, China. The UFC is still in the research and planning stages there. Legend Fighting Championships recently staged the first American pay-per-view broadcast from China. Now, Tampa, Florida-based Xtreme Fighting Championships is staking its claim in the Chinese MMA market, planning to put on and broadcast events from the Land of the Dragon. The promotion has run events in Florida, Tennessee, and Kentucky, and currently has a broadcast partnership with HDNet Fights. To date, no XFC events have been scheduled in China.

HOT NEWS: XFC goes to China
December 7, 2010

Only hours before the official weigh in for XFC 13 took place last Thursday, the Xtreme Fighting Championships signed a contract with delegates from the U.S.-Chinese Cultural Committee for three mixed martial arts fight cards to take place in China next year.

“We are very excited to introduce MMA to the Chinese people,” said XFC President John Prisco. “The incredible growth of this sport has contributed to making this world a much smaller place by building relationships that foster mutual respect between the U.S. and other nations.”

With XFC 13 as first exposure to MMA for the Chinese delegates, their curiosity about the sport has now been piqued and they look forward to having the XFC bring American fighters to China in 2011. Prisco also hopes to bring some of the very talented Chinese fighters to the U.S. eventually so that they can make a name for themselves in America.

Traditionally, the most popular martial art in China has been Sanshou which utilizes strikes, takedowns, and throws. It is also practiced by former Strikeforce MMA champion Cung Le who even demolished grappling aces like Frank Shamrock with his vicious kicks.

Nevertheless, the lack of ground techniques in Sanshou might pose a problem for Chinese fighters transitioning to MMA.

“We plan to eventually open XFC Training Facilities in China to help the local fighters strengthen their ground game and adjust their stand-up (stance) to MMA,” said Prisco. “On the other side of the coin, American fighters will be able to broaden their horizons by learning some Sanshou techniques.”

Considering the popularity of MMA worldwide, Prisco believes that the Chinese people will enjoy the XFC fight cards held in China and embrace the sport wholeheartedly.

The events are expected to take place in April 2011, but no exact date has been officially confirmed yet.

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