Sunday, February 20, 2011

Black History Collection of Combat Sportsmen Part 2

In honor of Black History Month, the following entry presents the second installment in our series titled "Black History Collection of Combat Sportsmen," highlighting prominent figures of African descent in martial arts and combat sports.

Phil Nurse
Kru Phil Nurse is a former British Muy Thai champion. Nurse is a world reknown Muy Thai instructor who has trained some of the best in Muy Thai and MMA.

Alistair Overeem
Alistair Overeem is a Dutch kickboxer and mixed martial artist. Born of a Black Jamaican father and a white Dutch mother, Overeem is the first fighter to hold major titles in kickboxing (K-1) and MMA (Strikeforce and Dream Heavyweight titles) simultaneously.

Kevin Jackson (right)
Kevin Jackson is an Olympic freestyle wrestling gold medalist. He is also a former UFC heavyweight title contender. Jackson is currently the head coach at perennial Division 1 wrestling power Iowa State.

Frank Trigg
Frank Trigg was born in Rochester, New York to an African American father and Native-American-Jewish mother. He is a 2000 Olympic trials finalist and two-time former UFC welterweight title contender. Trigg is also a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., a college Greek letter fraternity of African American origin.

Mohamed Ndao
Mohamed Ndao. Nicknamed "Tyson" for his fierce style, Mohamed Ndao is the star of the national sport of "Laamb," a traditional style of wrestling in Senegal.

Vic Moore
Vic Moore holds black belts in the Shuri-ryƫ, Kempo, and Shotokan Karate disciplines. Upon winning the USKA Grand Nationals in 1965 he became one of the first African Americans to win a major Karate tournament.

Remy Bonjasky (right)
Remy Bonjasky is a Dutch Muy Thai specialist. He is a three-time K-1 World Champion who has held several other kickboxing titles and also received Black Belt Magazine's Full-Contact Fighter of the Year honor in 2009.

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